Retaining Walls

Boulder Walls

Wayzata, Minnesota

Wayzata,Mn Boulder Walls

Whether you’re looking for a retaining wall, rustic edging, or an attractive focal point in your yard, a boulder wall is a perfect natural addition to your landscape. Constructed of various sizes of striking garden boulders, strong boulder walls are incredibly functional as well as remarkably beautiful. Built to last, these impressive walls – when carefully and properly constructed – should be part of your landscape for generations to come.

Boulder Walls and Timber Steps

Minnetristia, Minnesota

Boulder Wall & Timber Steps

Lending itself to a natural looking landscape, implementing boulders with timber steps was a perfect choice for this property. Aspen Landscape worked with a significant grade change from the top to bottom, and implementing timber steps allowed us to incorporate paver landings and step treads for a distinct visual appeal.

Modular Block Retaining Wall

Maple Grove, Minnesota



Landscape modular block retaining walls can add an element of depth and distinction to virtually any type of yard. In this type of landscaping, modular block walls can be installed to retain a mass of soil, which adds to functionality and beautification to your yard. What’s more, you can incorporate tiers and steps for additional function and aesthetics.

Fond-du-Lac Stone Wall

Edina, Minnesota

Edina,Mn Big Stone Walls

For this unique landscaping project, the homeowners chose Fond-du-Lac stone for its charm and durability. Because the retaining wall holds the weight of a swimming pool – just like a cup filled with water – the entire stone wall had to be specifically engineered to account for the height of the wall and the water inside. The final result was stunning, private and beautiful.

Chilton Stone Planter

Edina, Minnesota

Stone Wall Planter. Edina, Minnesota

Stonewall planters can add elegance and beauty to both your garden and your home. Blending custom Chilton stone with colorful annuals and perennials provides an elegant, timeless appeal for this custom planter. Using 14” capstone on the top of the planter for seating, the clay pavers provide a perfect match in shape and color. Offering a raised level to the garden area, this type of planter gives a beautiful look to any type of home.

Modular Block Retaining Wall

Minnetonka, Minnesota

French Formal

Stone Wall Planters, Minnetonka, Minnesota

Modular block retaining wall systems give the freedom and creativity to create long level transitions and sharp angels in your landscaping. Block wall planters, such as this example are a beautiful way to display your flowers, shrubs and other plant materials to add stunning visual appeal to your home.

Paver Patio, Steps and Water Feature

Orono, Minnesota

Paver Patio Construction. Orono, Minnesota

Orono,Mn Water Feature ,Block walls & Paver Steps& Paver Paio

Aspen Landscape designed and constructed this elegant outdoor living area for homeowners looking to add beauty to their yard and a space to enjoy Minnesota’s delightful weather. The main features include a paver patio, paver steps and several tired paver planters. Both the patio and steps require little maintenance and are built to last. As an added element and focal point to the yard, a water feature further customizes the functionality of the paver and rock retaining walls while adding classic beauty to stand the test of time.