Stone Wall Planting, Paver Patio Landscaping

Edina, Minnesota

Edina,Mn Stone Walls & Plantings

Stone wall planters are a great way to set your flower gardens apart from others. They showcase your flowers in a way that on the ground planters cannot. We worked with our client to create a beautiful backyard garden and clay paver patio. The patio allows for seating to admire your beautiful gardens on nice summer days.

Stone Wall Planting. Edina, Minnesota

Stone Wall Planting. Edina, Minnesota

Blue Stone Patio Landscaping

Golden Valley, Minnesota

Golden Valley mn, Cut Blue Stone Patio

Cut blue stone is a great patio choice if clay pavers are not what you are looking for. They are very durable, and stay beautiful for years. We worked with our client to create this seating area with surrounding plantings and cyprus mulch. It is a lovely eating and sitting area that will stay beautiful for years.

Boulder Wall, Paver Patio Landscaping

Shorewood, Minnesota

Shorewood ,Mn Boulder Wall & Paver Patio (1)

In some cases, retaining walls are needed to bond two different levels of ground together. We worked with our client to create a beautiful boulder retaining wall. These large boulders not only add beauty to your yard, but also are strong enough to hold up soil for years to come. We added a beautiful patio built from blue stone flagging. We also added drainage solutions so that water has a way of flowing off of the patio, adding longevity to the patio.

Paver Hot Tub Pad

Eden Praire, Minnesota

Eden Praire,Mn Paver Hot Tub Pad

Paver patios are a great way to build a space for hot tubs. These level patios are a great place to place your hot tub that will last a lifetime. We worked with our client to build a custom hot tub pad and walkway. This walkway makes a safe and durable entrance to your hot tub, making it easier to enjoy your tub.

Paver Entry Landscaping

Wayzata, Minnesota

Wayzata,Mn Paver Entry

The front entry to your home is the first thing that people see when coming to your home or passing by from the street. We worked with our client to create a one of a kind, paver front entry. This paver entry is very durable and will withstand the large amount of foot traffic for many years. It also adds an elegant look to their home which sets it apart from others. We also constructed an area to fit a a table and chair to make a seating and dining area.

Paver Patio Landscaping

Victoria, Minnesota

Victoria,Mn Paver Patio

This paver patio was constructed underneath and existing deck. We worked with our client to build more usable space for seating and entertaining. We also constructed plant beds in and around the patio to showcase plant material. This large patio will last a life time, and add value to their home. It also gives them more usable room in their backyard.

Paver Patio, Plant Beds. Victoria, Minnesota

Paver Patio, Plant Beds. Victoria, Minnesota

Paver Patio. Victoria, Minnesota

Paver Patio. Victoria, Minnesota

Paver Patio, Steps, and Fireplace

Plymouth, Minnesota

Plymouth,Mn Paver Patio & Fire Pit

Paver patios are a great addition to your backyard. Our client wanted to build a patio that he could use as outdoor dining and grilling space, and also as a fire pit. We also worked with them to build paver steps from their existing deck. This patio is very durable, beautiful and will last a life time.

Paver Steps from existing deck. Plymouth, Minnesota

Paver Steps from existing deck. Plymouth, Minnesota

Paver Patio and Steps

Orono, Minnesota

Orono,Mn Water Feature ,Block walls & Paver Steps& Paver Paio

This paver patio, paver step and paver platers was constructed for a homeowner in Orono, Minnesota. They wanted something that would add beauty to their back yard, and give them somewhere to enjoy the beautiful minnesota weather. This paver patio and steps requires little maintenance  and will last for years and years.  They added a water feature to further customize their paver and rock retaining walls. The paver patio can be seen in the photo below.

Paver Patio Construction. Orono, Minnesota

Paver Patio Construction. Orono, Minnesota

Paver Patio

Plymouth,Mn Paver Patio & Fire Pit

If you are considering a outdoor seating area to entertain family and guests, paver patios are a wonderful option. They are a very popular because of their durability, lifespan and ability for customization. There are multiple types, colors and shapes of pavers that can add a custom look to any home. Click the link below to learn more about our paver options and our process for building these custom patios.

Paver Patio, and Rock Slab Walkway. Wayzata, Minnesota

Paver Patio. Wayzata, Minnesota

At Aspen Landscaping, we take a very detailed approach when laying our paver patios to ensure the longevity of the patio, and to achieve the custom look desired by our customers.

Our process begins with the excavation of the existing ground in a depth ranging from 6 inches to 12 depending on the type of patio, and the functionality of the patio.  A layer of geotextile fabric is laid down to ensure that no erosion of the soil underneath the patio will take place.

Secondly, we place a a base made from Class 5, this base varies on thickness according to how much original soil was excavated in process one. This Class 5 base is compacted to 95 percent density to again ensure that erosion is minimal.

Thirdly, a 1 inch layer of course sand is laid over the base of Class 5 to hold the pavers in place. The desired pavers will be laid on this base of sand in the pattern which the customer has chosen. Pavers can also be cut to achieve desired looks if needed.

A border is then placed around the entire perimeter of the patio and nailed into place using 10 inch nails, to ensure the pavers do not move when pressure is added by walking on them, or when furniture is added to the patio.

Lastly, a layer of sand is spread over the top of the pavers and compacted using a plate compactor. This machine compacts the pavers into the sand underneath to lock the pavers into place. Another thin layer of sand is placed on the pavers and swept into the cracks with a broom to again ensure the pavers are locked into place. The excess sand is then swept off the top of pavers so no sand is visible on the surface of the pavers, and the custom patio is complete.

Review our materials and portfolio page to see the types of pavers and design ideas that can be applied to your next project.

At Aspen Landscape, “Details Matter.